Council Meeting Minutes for August 4, 2009

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Minutes by Agenda Topic


  • The council approves an emergency modification to the constitution
    • The "sunset clause" has elapsed
    • The constitution shall be extended until the next general members meeting
  • The constitution will be opened to members for review and for modification
  • Any proposed modifications will be ratified at the next general members meeting
  • The council reviewed the constitution
  • The council proposes the following modifications:
    • The sunset clause shall be removed
    • The council meeting date of the second Sunday of each month shall be lifted
    • The council shall still be required to meet at least once per month (at the council's discretion), but the date will no longer be fixed
    • Rules concerning expenditure approval are revised (see the online document)


  • Our landlord has accepted our proposal to index rent based on the number of active members
    • A minimum of $450/month is required
    • Membership dues will pay for rent
    • Details have yet to be worked out (percentage, utilities)
  • The resolution should belong to the bylaws


  • We need to track membership better
  • Some members are no longer in good standing
  • Marty will begin a committee to work on membership tracking


  • Teaching a class will count as volunteer hours
  • Should the shop be closed to members if classes are occurring?
  • The resolution should belong to the bylaws


  • Forest will work with Andy
  • We'll develop a flyer for promotion purposes
    • Campuses
    • Coffee shops
    • Bars
    • Etcetera
  • We should discuss it via a forum post

Urban Treehouse

  • Nick will continue to follow up


  • Nick will continue to follow up

MAC Center Tour

  • Nick will continue to follow up

Action Items


  • Work with Andy for flyer development


  • Start a forum post on promos
  • Kick off the membership tracking committee


  • Follow up on CoderFest, MAC center tour, Urban Treehouse