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Name and Purpose

  • The name of our organization shall be "HackPittsburgh".
  • The purpose of HackPittsburgh is to establish a community to provide facilities, classes and collaborators to further the DIY ethic in the Greater Pittsburgh Region.



  • Membership qualifications shall be regulated by the Club Board.
  • All minors (under the age of 18 years old) must have parental consent & adult supervision in order to participate in any club event or use of facilities.


  • The group shall have the right to collect dues, issue discounts, work credits, and donation credits from all members according to the group constitution.


  • Any member who is thought to have violated any part of this constitution or laws enacted thereafter or to have committed an act against the group may be brought in front of the Board for expulsion as per the Board's defined powers. The Board must all be present.


General Body Meetings

  • General body meetings shall be held on a schedule posted by the Board. Meetings shall be posted at least one week in advance.
  • A quorum shall be defined as any members in good standing (as defined in the constitution) present at the start of the scheduled meeting. However, if the meeting is not at the scheduled time a quorum shall consist of 21 members in good standing.

Board meetings

  • Board meetings shall be held at least once a month, at dates and times agreed upon by the board.
  • A quorum shall be defined as three or more Board members present at the start of the scheduled meeting.

Leadership Board

Director Positions & Duties

  • The Board shall consist of four Board Members.
  • The Board's purpose is to govern all activities of the Club, and work to achieve the objectives of the full membership and uphold the stated mission of HackPittsburgh.
  • The powers granted to the Board shall include:
    • Overseeing the planning and conducting all Club events, meetings & classes.
    • Approving expenditures under $500 - all others must be voted on by quorum at monthly membership meetings.
      • Recurring expenditures over $500 are permitted following a successful vote by quorum at a monthly membership meeting.
    • Forming committees of Board Members and Members to carryout the Club's actions.
  • The board members shall have equal votes in all situations except during any ties in which the Board President shall have the tie-breaking vote.

Elections & Voting

  • Elections shall take place annually on the 3rd Wednesday of February.
  • On the 3rd Wednesday of January, nominations will be begin for all positions on the Board.
  • The Board will be elected by plurality with the top four nominated members by votes being elected.
  • If one of the Board members is unable to serve for any reason, a special election shall be held with a primary to nominate the new Board Member and there shall be an election the following week as scheduled by the committee.


  • Grounds for impeachment shall be the violation of any part of the constitution or committing any act deemed against the Club constitution.
  • A vote of impeachment shall be initiated by the vote of three members of the board. After initiation, a quorum of membership will vote on the impeachment.


  • Amendments to this constitution will be presented at General Body Meetings and must be approved by 67% of the quorum of total membership.