Cleaning and Shop Cleans

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Shop Cleaning

These are just some general tips and checklists for both general cleaning and shop cleans.

Also see the Shop Operations page for related information Shop Operations, the New Member Orientation and the Rules and Regulations.

Obviously the overall goal is to make the shop neat and clean.

Clean: not dirty; sanitary; all food refuse placed in the appropriate garbage container; all recycling placed in the approprite recycling container.

Neat: decluttered; everything back in its assigned spot so members can find it; nothing left lying around where it creates a trip hazard or an obstacle.

"Shop cleans" are periodic events where members are encouraged to get together and clean up. Members are expected to volunteer for at least one shop clean per quarter, or to do an equivalent amount of volunteering for shop maintenance.

General cleaning is just if you're at the shop and have a bit of time and want to do some of the generally-expected volunteering.

You should also, of course, clean up after yourself, on an ongoing basis.


Wipe down, tables, desks and doorknobs, the kitchenette, etc. Use cleanser and a paper towel.

Cleanser should be in the blue lockers in the kitchenette. Paper towels should be on the kitchenette counter.

Bulk paper towel storage is in the upstairs storage room (clean side, up the steps towards the bathroom, turn right -- remember to be quiet in the storage room in the evening, people live above it and the ceiling is very sound-permeable).

Check the garbage cans (see Shop Operations page) to make sure none are full or overflowing. If necessary, empty the garbage and replace the garbage bags. Garbage bags are in the blue lockers in the kitchenette, at time of writing the bottom, left-most locker. Note that there are several kinds of bags in the locker and that some may be hidden at the bottom, under other containers.

Clear out any old food left in the refrigerator. Leftovers, etc, left in the refrigerator should have the date or a parking ticket left on them; anything without such is due for throwing out. Don't be a jerk about it, obviously, if it's an unopened and potentially expensive item, ask around and make sure there wasn't some mistake.

If the floor is egregiously dirty or if you feel like being extra industrious, sweep the floors and possibly even mop. When sweeping be careful not to raise more dust than you're removing.


Take a pass at decluttering the big conference tables, if necessary. Note that the large power strips and a variety of USB chargers on the big conference table belong there, do not remove them.

Pens, tape, etc, usually lives on the little round table at the computer workstations area.

Check the printed forms (generally on the wall on the other side of the kitchenette lockers) and print more if any are low or out.

Obviously anyone doing actual work using tools, etc, should be cleaning up after themselves. That said, sometimes there's still a bit of sawdust or etc around. It's occasionally worth giving the woodworking tools a thorough going over (with the brush hanging on the end of the Sawstop, or using the compressed air hose from the metal shop area).

Neaten up the scraps area, both the wood scraps and metal scraps.

Check/clear the work tables. Return tools to their storage locations.

Check the dust collectors and see if they need to be emptied.

DO NOT attempt to clean the laser cutter lense unless you are trained for that specifically. Routine cleaning of the laser cutter bed should be done by anyone trained to use the laser cutter.