Build your own Tiki Torch

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Learn basic woodworking skills while building something you can take home and light on fire. Talldean 16:40, 25 May 2010 (EDT)

(Image here) I've built two of these, and would like to use this as a two hour or so hands on project in early July.

The idea is to make a fixture with wood that looks good and mounts to an outside deck or wall. The piece has a copper fitting that attaches to the neck of an empty bottle. The bottle has a wick in it, is filled with tiki torch oil, and can be lit on fire. I need to mock up one or two more of these for a better promo picture.

The class should give everyone some basic familiarity with:

* Cutting wood - miter saw and/or miter box
* Shaping wood - router table to decoratively shape the edges
* Drilling wood - drill press to countersink holes for screws
* Screws and glue
* Sanding and finishing

I'll bring in the router table and bits, and also a second miter saw and/or a finish cut blade for the miter saw in the shop. While you could make these out of 2x4's and pine, I'll bring in a few nice hardwoods for this project; white maple, cherry, red oak, and black walnut. I'll also have some less expensive wood on hand for practice cuts with the router table

I'm still debating on the proper finish; I'd love to find something clear and weatherproof that doesn't need yearly maintenance, but nothing really fits that bill. I'm going to give a few of these a try and let them sit outside for a month. My current frontrunners are:

* 2+ coats of sprayed lacquer
* A sanded in oil/varnish blend
* UV-resistant varnish