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An attempt to document some of the operational stuff of HackPGH.

Physical stuff


1936 Fifth Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15219

Mail and stuff

We have a mailbox in Dale's place, just go grab stuff from it



Go in the Lastpass password safe


Go in the safe

Security system



Finance stuff


Rent is $XXXX. It gets paid to Dale on the 1st of every month. Just go up and knock politely.

If you need to contact Dale either officially or to deal with some questions, contact info is in the safe (TODO: Put it there).

Bank account

Bank is PNC???

Checks are in the safe.


Dealing with donations



Legal junk

Do we have a lawyer on deck?

What 503c-related legal documents do we have/need?

Signed waivers and such go in the file box in the safe.

IT junk

Wild Apricot

Google Drive

Website hosting

Domain names

Shop internet

Provided by PittMesh. Talk to Adam Longwill about it, it's basically his problem.

Shop Wifi

Shop security cameras

Communication junk

Google Email Accounts

You get, and there's also and Passwords are in the password safe (or, should be). TODO: Check!

Really they should be but we're not gonna change ten million documents and accounts by now.


Email list

We used to have one, we don't anymore.


We need to put the password in the password safe.

Departing board members

Credentials they need to give back:

* Physical keys
* Slack admin creds
* Google drive creds
* name@hack email account

Codes that need to be changed (or just forgotten):

* Safe
* info@hack email account
* Password safe


The guiding principles of HackPGH, as I (Simon) see them, are:

* Be excellent to each other
* Do awesome stuff
* Make it possible for as many people to do awesome stuff as possible

However, knowing how to actually implement these on a day to day level is sometimes tricky. So, here's a list of more concrete, practical things for trying to implement these principles. These are not set in stone, these are just guidelines I'm trying to organize for myself.

* Everyone is an asshole a little bit, sooner or later, so cut everyone some slack...
* ...but one toxic person WILL drive away half a dozen people who SHOULD be here, so not TOO much slack.
* Our tools and the ability to use them are not a revenue stream.  Memberships are our revenue stream, and tools being as accessible as possible gets us more members.
* Classes, donations and grants are nice secondary revenue streams but should not be relied upon.  Preferably these go towards specific projects, not day to day operations.
* The Board has to juggle way too many things these days, invest in tools and systems that make their day-to-day lives easier.  This includes delegating things to members.